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What do you need to do to reach that goal and be a successful soccergirl? You should attack your goal piece by piece. It’s easier and less difficult to execute.
For example: Does the goal to play soccer for your country in USWNT in 5-10 years seem out of reach? So break it down into smaller goals. Those can include playing for a team one level higher. Scoring a certain number of goals per season (if you are a striker). Or keeping the goal empty a certain amount of games (if you are a goalie). Because it is all about your individual situation as soccergirl.
Make sure that your goals are SMART. This means that they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. So ask yourself if each soccergirl goal fits these criteria.

Give yourself a timeline for your defined steps which are difficult but possible. Make sure you have enough time to accomplish each of your smaller steps. Playing for a better team might not be feasible within 3 months. But improving your technical soccergirl skills is.
Make sure to set guidelines for smaller goals as well. So for example, think about which of your skills you want to improve. Train it on a daily basis to proof this skill in a match and be admired by your teammates.

These might be certain skills, lessons, or other resources, They will help you reach your goals. You might need certain skills, such as a strong shot. So you can shoot better free kicks or penalties.
Maybe you want to become a professional freestyler like Yoanna. Then you may need to get such a good feeling for the ball that if feels like a part of you.


Hi, my name is Hunter Kintzing and I’m 11 years old and I’m from West Deptford, New Jersey. Now I’ve been playing soccer for 7 years. It started when I was 4 years old for my towns micro minis team.

After playing on that team for 2 years until I heard that that the travel team was hosting a tryout. I was determined to make the team. All the spare time I had I was playing 1v1s in my back yard of shooting at the park. I made the team but didn’t really play much. And when I did play I played defense.

I felt like I didn’t belong there and I wanted to be up scoring and making plays with the forwards and midfielders, so I made a change. When I was 8 years old I joined a summer league team. The Philadelphia Fury, and a new township team. The West Deptford storm where we went on to win flight 5 and later flight 2.

After one summer with the Fury the team fell apart, so I joined an edp team, the Deptford premier. I played center midfield for the first time and immediately fell in love with it.

I continued to play for the storm and in 2019 I had a major setback. in a game against a rival team I took a cleat to the foot, and hard, I went down crying and I’m usually pretty tough so that’s when I knew something was wrong. It felt better after some ice so I was able to play in the finals where I scored a hattrick in a 2-3 win.

Later that week at premier practice while we were scrimmaging against the 2008 team it started to hurt again I had to come off the field and was taken to urgent care where the told us I had suffered and injury to my Growth plate. after my injury I switched clubs to the south jersey elite barons where I started out playing defense but now play mostly striker.

My goal is to play attacking center midfield for Stanford or university of North Carolina and later the us women’s national team USWNT. My biggest dream is to win a World Cup and an olympic gold medal.


Hi, my name is Ella Santarsieri. I’m 12 years old and have been playing soccer since I was 4. I´m from Winnipeg, Manitoba!
When I started I was 3 and the ball with my dad. Playing small games I started when I was 5 years old. This time I was very motivated and energetic but a little shy when playing against others.

After a few years of playing with a small group I was ready for a bigger challenge. So I joined my first club team. At the age of 9, I played for Bonivital SC. There I was scoring goals and having so much fun!
Loving the challenge I trained every day to get better. A couple of months later I joined a camp called World Soccer Academy, There I learned so much about the beautiful game.

On some key game aspects I worked on . This was including skill, touch, positioning and much more! This camp gave me the solid foundation to take off in my soccer journey.
Now I am on Bonivital SC and part of the Whitecaps Fc Rex program!

There were had many struggles throughout the years. But never gave up and stayed motivated!
Some of my biggest achievements were being selected to travel to Roma and train in Italy. Being selected to go to Vancouver and play against girls a year older than me. And being preselected to play for a team in my city!
My position is attacking midfield and love to score goals and make plays for my teammates.

I really enjoy the challenges this game brings me and love my teammates and soccer sisters!!
I have learned so much since I started playing. Including to never give up, always be a leader, stay positive, and stay motivated.


Do you remember Sunday, 7th of July 2019? On this day heroes were born. The USWNT was in the women’s world cup final. Over 260 million viewers saw this game. Live in Paris, France.
Especially one girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, had a great day. In the 69th minute of the final. It was the USWNT against Netherlands, Rose Lavelle is gathering the ball in midfield. She is running towards the goal, facing a couple of defenders, she shifted the ball to her left foot, and hit it clean. 2–0.

Her influence on the field was one of the main keys to the success. The USWNT wins the world cup 2019 the 4th time.
Lavelle said in an interview after the victory:
“We all came together. We worked so hard to get to that moment So it was fun to be able to celebrate with every single person that helped get us there.”

But who is this young woman who so many young soccergirls look up to? And how was her journey to the USWNT? Here’s what she tells you:
“I first started playing when I was five. Soon I ended up being obsessed with soccer,” she explains. “My coach, Neil Bradford, made it so fun for me. He would give me little challenges to do in my backyard. He’s the reason I fell in love with the game.

He made every practice and every game so much fun. When you’re that young, fun is why you are doing it. Soccer brings you joy. Even now, when things are hard. I ask why am I doing this in the first place. The answer is because soccer makes me happy.”

But her way was never easy. As a kid – even a talented one – she was also often overlooked, not considered for elite youth pathways and ignored by top college programs.
Eventually she was invited to the youth national team.

“My first camp was Abby Wambach’s last. I was so nervous,” Lavelle recalls. “There were players that I had looked up to over the years.
Now I was sitting at the same dinner table as them. Once you step on the field, you are back doing exactly what you love. But it was obviously super competitive and high pressure.
It took me a while to feel comfortable and feel that I belonged there. It is pretty intense. But you either sink or swim when you get there.”
Her debut in the USWNT is a 1-0 defeat to England in 2017. But Lavelle was named Player of the match. She had impressed.


Mallory “Mal” Pugh burst into the USWNT scene in 2016 as a 17-year-old phenomenon. She was the youngest player to debut for the national team since Heather O’Reilly. After playing often with the U–17 and U–20 teams, Pugh first appeared for the USWNT on January 23, 2016 in an international friendly against Ireland.

She once talked about her motivation in an interview:
“For me it’s just all about playing and trying to win games and trying to make an impact. The most important thing is trying to develop and just having fun with it.”
Mal was born in Littleton, Colorado, and her parents are Karen and Horace Pugh. Her mother was a long-distance runner and her father ran track and played football. Because her older sister Brianna played soccer, she decided to do so, too. Pugh scored for the USWNT in the 83rd minute in her first game. She became the 19th USWNT player to score in her debut.

Shortly after this debut, Mallory belonged to the team. She was one of the 18 players chosen to represent the United States. The tournament was the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Pugh made her first Olympic goal against Colombia. Giving the United States a 2–1 lead. She was also the youngest player ever to score a goal for the USWNT in an Olympic game.
The first time she played for USWNT, she was subbed for Kelley O’Hara. Kelley became something like her older sister in USWNT.


Hi, my name is Chloe Lopez, I´m 11 years old and I have been playing soccer for 7 years. I am from the United States.

I started off playing recreational , when I was 5 years old was also a bit shy but onces I had the soccer ball I was ready to play. After a couple of years of playing recreational I wanted to challenge myself by trying out for a all star team I had gone out to try out didnt get chosen I was heart broken but I didn’t give up it trained with my dad everday .

A couple months later, I went to try out for 08 South Valley competitive team my dad got the text message that I made the team I was very happy, I learned alot playing with this team the coaches really taught me alot was very happy to have them training me. I am know currently 09 South Valley United team have great coaches the position I play center midfielder, love getting back the ball to my teammates and running up taking that shot. I really enjoy being around all my teammates since I knew them already great soccer sisters.

I have learned so much is to never give up or doubt yourself keep pushing yourself to reach for what you want and your dreams will come true.


Hi my name is Alexa Danieles, I’m 13 years old. I´ve have been playing soccer for 5 years now and I am from the Philippines.

I started playing when I was 8 years old. When i started soccer I was playing in an all boys team. There were only very few of us girls in the club. And they would always tell us that girls are weak and that we’re not good enough. But i used their negative words as my motivation to work harder and become stronger. Every after school, i would train with my coaches and they have pushed me to be better.

2 years after that, I went to try out in an all girls team and I made the U12 NOSIRFA girls team. My coaches there really taught me alot and I was very grateful that I got to work with them. After a year or two, I went to try out again and I made it to the u14 girls team!

I was very happy to be part of the regional team again and get to work with some of the best coaches. The positions I play there are forward, mid, and defense. And I also love my new teammates because they were all so kind and positive.

Through my journey, I have learned to work harder than I usually do and to always respect everyone in the game. And I am very grateful for my coaches but most importantly my family for believing in me.


Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor and I am 12 years old. I started playing soccer about 4 years ago. It was definitely late in my area to start up as most kids my age
started when they were 4 or 5. I’m also very small for my age. So, I had A LOT of catching up to do!

It hasn’t always been easy, because of my size I was often overlooked or written off. Seen as someone that would never be good enough. That is, until I met my current coach. He taught me that size doesn’t matter, and if you work hard you will improve. Through his

positivity and my amazing teammates I am now confident in who I am as a player. I have even been selected to train with an amazing group that offers opportunities for showcase tournaments all over the world! Honestly, being the underdog has been a great place to be. I fully feel that I have earned every single opportunity that I’ve gotten, because it forced me to put in the work and not expect things to be handed to me.

My advice to everyone, is to set your goals and stick to them. They are YOUR goals, no one else’s, so never let anyone tell you that you can’t reach them. NEVER let anyone dull your sparkle!
There are 11 girls on the field, and they all must work together for the team to have success. Don’t focus on who’s better then whom, focus on your role in any given moment, and how you can improve every time you get out there. Go get it girl!!


Hi, I am Summer. My journey with football started at Leighton town, UK when i was 6 years old. My story started with mixed football, which at first was daunting, but my teammates made me feel welcome. So I really enjoyed the training.

My manager put me centre forward. During the season I was getting lots of chances but just not getting the luck sometimes. Hitting the post and I had chances saved off the line. I was desperate to score. In my tenth game it finally happened!!!!!!. The ball was passed to me, I took it around the defender and slotted the ball into the bottom corner. I looked over and my coach was on the pitch. My mum and dad looked so happy! I didn’t stop smiling for a week.

Once I had scored my first goal it gave me the confidence to keep trying. 5 more goals in the next 5 games were my score before I went for a trial at Flitwick Eagles.

I went to training with Flitwick, it was a girls team and they were very good. I loved the training and my new teammates and signed up to play for them that year. At this time I had also started to do 1-to-1 training midweek to practice skills and drills. The drill I learnt in the week I would take into the games .

There was not long left of the season when I joined but I managed to score 14 goals in 8 games before the season finished.

My first full season with Flitwick and I also joined Leighton United mixed on a Sunday. I was still doing midweek 1 to 1 sessions and with flitwick and I got to be a ball girl at Wembley and an Arsenal Womens super league game.

I had my best season with Flitwick finishing top goalscorer scoring 32 goals in 16 games!! Before COVID19 stopped our season. I also joined V24 and a soccer coaching academy for extra training which i love an continue to do once a week.

Like everyone else I was so disappointed when our season was cut short, I decided to set up and instagram account, I now have over 600 followers and love to see my friends showing off their skills. I recently won a competition from the lionesses official instagram account and won a full England kit worth £200.

I have a Goldendoodle puppy called waffle who is my defender in the garden, and a baby brother Ralphie who is 18 months, I cant wait to teach my little brother football.

My mum and dad are my biggest fans and take me all over the country to watch me play. Once we travelled far away for a cup game in the rain I felt bad as my mum dad and grandads were getting soaked. Luckily I scored 6 goals in one game and they didn’t seem to mind the rain anymore!

I am 8 now but playing under 10’s next year!!!! eeeeek