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To share your story with photos, we ask you to get one of our beautiful clothes or some other stuff in our shop. Then you make a photo or video playing soccer while you wear it or use it. We will publish this one together with other photos that you provide and your story how you started until today. Please ask your parents to check your stories for writing mistakes before you send it to us.
The main aim of the stories is to inspire and empower your fellow girls who love soccer.

You can write your story, about when and how did you start playing, what was your challenges. And what is your goal for future and what were your lessons.
Contact us on our website and send your story to us. Further steps we will discuss.
The best way to contact us is the contact form on the bottom of our homepage.

Under each stories will be a big button that links to your instagram. Also there is a option to leave comments. So you can tell all your friends and relatives about our website and they can comment on your story.

So other girls can read and comment to your story too. And if they get inspired, they will for sure check your instagramm and follow you!


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