Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor and I am 12 years old. I started playing soccer about 4 years ago. It was definitely late in my area to start up as most kids my age
started when they were 4 or 5. I’m also very small for my age. So, I had A LOT of catching up to do!

It hasn’t always been easy, because of my size I was often overlooked or written off. Seen as someone that would never be good enough. That is, until I met my current coach. He taught me that size doesn’t matter, and if you work hard you will improve. Through his

positivity and my amazing teammates I am now confident in who I am as a player. I have even been selected to train with an amazing group that offers opportunities for showcase tournaments all over the world! Honestly, being the underdog has been a great place to be. I fully feel that I have earned every single opportunity that I’ve gotten, because it forced me to put in the work and not expect things to be handed to me.

My advice to everyone, is to set your goals and stick to them. They are YOUR goals, no one else’s, so never let anyone tell you that you can’t reach them. NEVER let anyone dull your sparkle!
There are 11 girls on the field, and they all must work together for the team to have success. Don’t focus on who’s better then whom, focus on your role in any given moment, and how you can improve every time you get out there. Go get it girl!!


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