Hi my names Chloe 🙂 I’m 13 years old from UK and I play football.

I started playing football when I was about 6 but then yet broke my ankle in the same year , I felt football for a few years until I came back at 10 willing to give it another go.

I started playing with my primary school team and joining in with training every Thursdays. After a year passed of me playing football I asked my dad if I could play for my local team…

A few weeks later we got a response saying we would love Chloe to join come for training on Wednesday! I was over the moon I could finally play for a team and play matches.

I was with them for a year until I had to move clubs. Unfortunately I had to move once again, but where I am now is the best team I’ve been too, I feel like I have improved so much on this team. Also in the first year of me being there we won the county cup !!

I would love to inspire girls to play football or to do what they love most. Never give up when things get hard, if you have a dream you need to be willing to fight…


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